Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Heee iederen!

​Woooo, transfer weeks are always exciting!

Zr Huber got transfered up to lovely Leeuwarden.  I am so excited for her, love Friesland!  She was here in Den Haag for 6 months, so its been fun finding everything with out her.  Thankfully we only got super lost the first day.  And then Zr Goodman just got an unplanned tour of Den Haag's beautful centrum.

But really.  Pretty much an impromptu tour of literally the whole centrum.

But that's okay!  Prayer works.  Pray to not get lost again, and God blesses you.

It's also been fun workng with Zr Goodman, because she has also only served in smaller cities so we freak out about how cool it is to serve in a bigger city together.  Its a lot of fun.

Church yesterday was really great.  Dominique came for the first time!  We met him at the tram halte and walked with him to our building.  Turns out, he was on the tram with members!  So they were able to talk to him and he felt super welcomed right off the bat!  And then after sacrament meeting, Jeffery, a member we brought on Joint Teach last week, took him and introduced him to the bishop and a bunch of other members.  It was really cool of Jeffery to do that.  We were then able to talk to all of our other investigators and less acctives who came.  The ward just did such a good job welcoming everyone.  I think Dominique really enjoyed his first Sunday.  He was telling Zr Goodman that he came today because he really just wants to start being better, so he can be a better dad for his two little girls.

I think it's been a while since he's been to church. He waited to go in the chapel until all the women were seated.  He said "Zorgen over vrouwen heerst."  I think he was trying to be polite and chivalrous.  It was sweet.

And Mawha was there as well!  She had to leave after sacrament, so I didn't get a chance to talk to her.  But I found out the have an English class with a bunch of brothers from Africa, so hopefully she can go there next week because I think she would greatly enjoy it!

With fast Sunday coming up, yesterday in church I was thinking about last month's fast Sunday.  The man who translates, paused from his duties and got up to bear his testimony.  He had a really strong testimony but what struck me was that he didn't make any excuses for not bearing his testimony.  He was busy translating, but he still took the time to pause and go up there and share what he knew was true.

We also spent pretty much the whole day a couple days ago with a less active, Michelle,
​ we are working with.  She went on Joint Teach to two lessons. But one fell through, so she instead just went contacting with us.  She's a gem.  A couple weeks ago for Pday we went wedding dress shopping with her.  That was exciting.

Enjoy our super serious district photo from last transfer.

Inline image 1

Zr Jones

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