Monday, January 11, 2016

Miracles in Den Haag

Zr. Huber and I were blessed to see just a lost of wonders this week.

Last Friday the APs made an annoucment about a new way of doing exchanges. I'm not sure if it was just for Europe or for missions accross the world. The idea with the new way of exchanges is that the leader's city would be a "model city" for the other missionaries to come and learn in. We've been doing a lot of finding here in den haag, mostly just building the city back up since transfers, but last week we found a lot of new investigators from area book and just normal contacting. Right before they made the annoucement the work here started to pick up and it really is becoming a "model city."

If you put in the work and do your best, the Lord really does qualify those He calls and thats really cool to see.

The way we've found new investigators has really been with the Lord's help though.  Especially with this one investigator, G-, that we found Tuesday.  That was such a miracle.  

I shall tell you the full story real quick:

We had an appointment with a less active on Tuesday after district meeting, but she wasn't home.  So we went to do a look up who lived close by.  After the look up, the less active called us, telling us she was home, so we just left our bikes and walked over.  Why we decided not to bike, I'm not sure (probably God prompting us there.)  After the lesson, and after we walked bike we unlocked our bikes and were talking real quick about where to go next, and what we were going to teach the next look-up, when this sweet little middle aged woman pops her head out the window of the appartment right next to us and tells us that we rang her doorbell last week, but she wasn't able to come to the door, and that she was so glad that she saw us before we biked away, because she was wondering actually if we could set an appointment.

We told her we were actually free right then.  We parked our bikes, and taught her a lesson.

I'm not going to lie, my first thought was wondering if she was crazy.  But ah, I felt the Spirit so strong while we were teaching.  God really loves her, and He really wanted us to find her that day. She is such a sweet lady, who's trying to do her best right now.  And just in the last 2 years she's been really searching for truth and studying the Bible. After the prayer she started crying.  She told us that she just had such a good feeling in her heart.

Miracles happen, and God answers our prayers. :)

Zr Jones

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