Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A lot of Walking - Monday 1/18/16

Hey hey,

Quick sum up of the week:  Flat tires = a lot of walking.

But God really blessed us, while walking to appointments he really put a lot of people into our paths who are currently looking a faith and are looking for truth.  We are actually bringing a book of mormon tonight to a girl around our age that we found while walkng to an appoinment.

Gitta, our dear miracle find was awfully sick this week.  We both felt really prompted that we should try to still have contact this week, so we swung by with banana bread, and the poor thing opened the door just looking so wiped.  She was super grateful for the bread though, she said that she hasn't had the energy to make anything all day.  It was cute because in Dutch to say "see you later" or say "tot ziens" but as we were leaving she said "tot snel!" which translates to "until soon/fast!"

She's a sweetheart.

We are also currently teaching the Stake Presidents 11 year old nephew, and its been really fun going through the lessons with him.  We try to use a lot of object lessons because he's younger, and this week we taught the Word of Wisdom.  We decided to make "koekjes" with the family.  But we brought all the ingredients.  We brought flowers instead of flour (in dutch "bloemen" is flowers and "bloem" is flour.)  and "soda" in plaats van "baking soda" and salt instead of sugar (that was hilarious, we asked them to taste it real quick to see what it was, and their faces were hilarious.)  We followed the directions, but are cookies didn't work!  And no one wanted to eat them!

We didn't put the right things in it though.  We had a list of ingredients from a master chef, and we put ingredients samilar to it in the cookies, but because we didn't listen to the mast chef it didn't come out lekker, it didn't work.  Like putting ingredients in the cookies, we also need to be careful with what we put into our bodies.  We need to care for the gift that God has given us.  And if we listen to the directions He has given us, our bodies will be able to work better, they shall be blessed!

We also taught a lot of first lessons this week.  Saturday we had a first lesson with this lady from Sierra Leone named Mawha, and yesterday she came to church!  They spoke Englsih where she grew up, but its a different accent, so we have to talk reaallyyyy slowly with her.  Funny story though, the first talk yesterday was from a man from Africa, and he gave his talk in English.  I had a super hard time understanding him, the Dutch translation actually made more sense to me (Made me have a lot more respect for Elder Jones, you are practically learning a new language!)   But Mahwa loved his talk!  She also knew Mariama, someone we work with who got baptised last month, and Mariama sat next to her during sacrament and explained everything to her.  It was really cool to see! :)

And then we also had a first lesson with a family yesterday!   They have 2 little girls, and there are frozen toys everywhere in their house!  The dad wasn't sure about bringing his girls to church, but we talked to him about it, and I think he'll bring the oldest next week. :)

Also, the photo of our feet is on a swing we found that is made out of rope and is made for two people to sit on it.  We finished weekly planning on it.  It was perfect for comp invertery. ;)  The other photo is sunday morning walking wiht Mawha to church.  It was a beautiful day

Gotta jet,
veel veel liefs!
Zr Jones 

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