Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Okay not much time, so I'll try to make this snel maar krachtig.

So.  Yesterday we got transfer calls.  Zr Huber is getting transfered up to Leeuwarden.  We actually found out when we got to church.  President and Zr Bunnell were actually in our ward today (fun fact, Den haag ward is actually the ward they live in) and President Bunnell gave a great talk about member missionary work.  As missionaries we are full time teachers, but often we do a lot of finding.  The work goes better when the members do that.  Have the courage to open your mouth!

After church we dinner with a member who I don't think has ever had the missionaries over before.  It was a really cool dinner appointment.  He asked us for a book of mormon last week, and told us how he travels a lot for work and he always brings a pamphlet from the church when he flies and before he boards a plane prays that he will be able to give it to someone on the plane.

Pray for oppurtunties, then have the courage to open your mouth :)

He also showed us a song on youtube his daughter Lizzy wrote when she was 12.  It's called "Heavenly Voices".  She wrote after a terrioest attack last year, and it was really powerful.  We discussed Alma 5 after listening to it.

Other cool things.  Had another powerful lesson with Dominque.  Our first lesson with him, he said he'd never really prayed to God.  Thursday we went over, he told us "So I was talking to Hevenly Father this week..."  :)

Mawha came to church again.  She loved it.  After gospel principles, she asked where we baptise.  We didn't have a chance in the bustle of things to show her the doopvont, but I'm excited to next week.

Went to watch the world wide missionary broadcast at an American member's house.  They made us BYU mint brownies!  That was super sweet.  It was a really powerful broadcast.  Nothing new or life changing.  But good reminders.  Something that stood out to me was getting on your knees to pray with investigators.  We've been doing that more often this week, and its been really powerful!  There's something about humbling yourself to kneel down to talk to God that just helps you be more intune with the Spirit.

Wiith the scherf family

And also missionary broadcast and selfie!

Liefs!Zr Jones

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