Sunday, December 27, 2015


Hey hey hey,

Ah, can I just quickly tell you all how much a love Christmas?  I just love seeing all the bright and cheery lights biking around the beautiful city.  There is just such a special spirit during this time of the year.  And I love, how even though its in hte middle of winter, and its cold and dark there is just such light and happiness in the city with all lights and Christmas songs.  Its a beautiful time the world has set aside for us to focus on the birth of Christ :)

But Sister Huber and I had a lovely Christmas.  We made lunch as a Christmas gift for a lady who just got baptised last week.  We made American pancakes, and she was just so excited.  

We visited a loy of less actives with the Elders and sang Christmas songs to them.  This one man we found though said he hadn't had contact with the church in 50 years.  Home teaching and visiting teaching is so importent guys!  Don't let that happen in your area!  But we also have been asking people what Kerst means to them.  We've gotten a wide range of answers.  Everything from "hope" "joy" "family" to "nix" or "veel eten."

And now we're going into the new year.  In ZHV all the zusters were saying, we'll see you next year!  And that was weird to hear.

Anywho, here's something I read in studies this week that I love:
"Prayer should turn into an honest deep and ongoing communion with your Father.. So when you are going from point A to point B, or wherever you have a free moment consider spending less time listening to music or texting a little more time praying in your heart."

As you do that, you can deepen your relationship with your Heavenly Father! :)  He loves you!

Zr Jones

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