Monday, May 18, 2015


his week was just full of miracles and funny adentures!
Guess that's missionary life though, right? ;)
It started with Zone Conference, which is always just so powerful.  Getting there was an adventure though.  We got directions to the wrong church.  We showed up, and I was joking to Zuster Romney that only for missionary meetings it doesn't concern me when I don't see cars in the driveway.  But then no one was there.  So we had to hop on a couple trams, take a couple busses to get to Rotterdam.  We were a little late, a little chagrin, but it was also rather funny.  Directions and getting lost have always been one of my biggest challenges I guess you could say and it's for sure something I've pretty much gotten over on my mission.  Gotten lost plenty of times, but we've always somehow found our way to where we're supposed to go. 
We talked a lot about Grace and iPads. 
One of the biggest adventures and miracles this week was Zaterdag.  We had only ONE MORE EASTER REFERAL.  Last month there was a campaign on facebook where people could order "Finding Faith in Christ" DVDs and then we would go visit them and see what they thought and if they wanted to learn more about how to come close to Christ. And we've had a ton in Leeuwarden.  And most of them have been in tiny little villages that's about an hour or so bus and/or train ride away.  But we've finally contacted them all.  But one.
The problem with this last one though, no busses go to the little village where they live!  And it´s about 30 kilometers from where we live.  All of our plans fell through last Saturday though, and we prayed about it and we really felt like that was what we should do.
So we wrote down ghetto instructions on how to get there:
And left with a prayer in our hearts that we would have contact with the refferal.
And let me tell you the whole ride was just glorious.  It started out super dreary and cold.  But about 15 minutes in, the sun came out and it was beautiful.
We also passed a ton of fantastic graffiti on the way.  Nederland graffiti really is just so... cool.  Much classier then back home.

See, cool eh?
Also we passed by this sign

And another sign that said `Promised land` and yet another one that said `Alma.`
It really was just an inspired ride. It was great. 
And by the time we got there, it took forever to get to the refferals door.  We went to the wrong house at first (It was in 7A not just plain 7...)  And then it took forever to figure out how to get to the front door. But literally the moment we finally got to the doorbell, someone came up one their bike.  IT WAS OUR REFFERAL!  It was crazy, right before we left he told us that he just had a feeling that he should come home real quick.  It really was SUCH a blessing.  The timing was no coincidence.  He wasn´t interested in changing religions, but we ended up chatting with him for almost an hour and saying a prayer with him.  He told us he was really impressed and could tell we were really sincere and that this was something importent.  He just felt at home in his current church.  I think he felt the spirit there though, and it was really cool praying with him right there on the doorstep.
Other then that though, the rest of the week was really good!  We´ve started doing Family Home Evening each week with a nonactive family.  we are trying to help themnmake their way to the temple, and are hoping through family home evening they will be able to help support and strengthen each other and will come closer to each other as a family through learning more about the gospel together.
We also found a couple new investigators.  One´s last name is Christmas.  He´s super positive, he just disagrees with the Sabbath being one Sunday and not Saturday.  Another one is from Africa. His stories are crazy.  He´s one of the kindest and respectful person I´ve ever met though.  He doesn´t quite see the need for organized religion though.  we tried explaining to him how it´s the things we do in church that are importnet, like baptism and sacrament.  But he didn´t quite seem to get it.  yet.
Well, this turned into a pretty long email.  And I gotta jet.  But before I go, here´s a pretty picture of a swan.  Apparently there really big here in Friesland.
Veel liefs
Zuster Jones

Mother's Day 2015

Hey guys!

For starters, I hope you all had a great Mother's day!!!

Secondly, things have been warming up way up North here in Friesland. I don't even have a cardigan today, it's a wonder for sure.

And with the warmer weather, we've just been staying super busy! We have no time in our week, it's crazy!

We started teaching a new investigator this week.  Well, actually older investigator.  I'm super used to just working hard and going door-to-door in any spare time we have, but Zuster Romney is really good at working smart.  We tackled the area book last week and found a couple positive formers.  

We also started doing Family Home Evening with this one family in our area. We talked about goals and made an collage board of our goals.

Saturday was also pretty exciting.  We go to Drachten in the morning to play soccer with some of the members, and some friends of the members (it's kind of like dodgeball in Veneta ward earlier.)  The Elders brought an investigator.  He killed it, he's super good at soccer.  He was super determined that I was going to be the star of the game though, so he set me up each time.  I made like 6 goals.  Most I made in my life.  None of it was because of my own talent, but it was still cool.  Jarl, one of the members in the bishopric, got a kick out when he heard about though...  He keeps telling me they need more young men in the branch, and I need to flirt to convert more...  Awkward Zuster probs......  BUT the elders said they had a killer lesson with the investigator after soccer so that's good!

Last week we also had a couple lessons with some university students.  This week is Spring vacation though, so hopefully we can set an appointment for next week sometime in the next couple of days.  It's really cool teaching them because they are younger and tend to be more open to listening to us.

Also, Sunday was really cool.  It's interesting how prayer is something that is rather hard for a lot of people.  Because I've grown up with prayer, it's just so natural.  It's SO IMPORTENT THOUGH.  I don't want people to be trusting me, I'm just a 19 year old girl.  I want people to be getting their answers and finding truth from God.  And I know that they can, they just need to ask Him.