Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Even more pictures

More pictures

Tulips and Transfers 4/12/15

Last week of transfers are always pretty sad, but this week was just so incredible!


-Sometimes you get served pig's brain, pig's blood, and chicken intestines all in the same dinner meal.  (No that's not a typical Belgium meal.)

-WENT TO THE TEMPLE IN NEDERLAND!  Ah, really though, I can't tell you how fantastic that was.  It was such a cool experience.  It was also just so cool to go with a bunch of missionaries.  I really draw strength from the other people serving in my mission, they are such good examples of missionaries and just good examples in general.

-Went to Keukenhof after temple!  It's this beautiful tulip garden in Nederland.  Ah, it was so much fun to just wandle through tulips for a a while in the sunshine.

-We had some really AWESOME lessons this week.  I really love the gospel and seeing how living it really does change people's lives.  The gospel really is for us and is how we can have more joy and happiness in this life guys!  It's awesome.

-Showed how greatly I trust my companion by letting her cut my hair.  (Never get an A-line before going out on a mission.  Worst idea ever.)

-Just going on normal adventures here in Belgium with the Jo-Jo Team (Me and Zuster Johanson) ;)

-Transfer Calls.  Going to Leeuwarden!  All the way up North!  It's going to be SO different!  I'm SUPER sad to leave my baby city, sad that Jo-Jo team is coming to an end (we've had way too much fun), and just sad to leave the work here!  But I'm also super excited to have some totally new and totally different adventures this summer!