Monday, March 23, 2015

Extra Photos

Micah enjoying a pear tart and hot chocolate
She said that the hot chocolate was served as just steamed milk with chocolate chips on the side to stir in.


This week was great!  We traveled up to Nederland for Zusters Conference.  It is so cool to see how many Zusters there are in our mission!  It was also really cool to go up to Nederland!  It's only like 2 hours away, but it's still for sure a different country!

 Here's all the beautiful Zusters and President!

 MTC Zusters!  

Also, I am SO EXCITED for general conference!  Guys, I'm so excited to listen to our living, modern prophet and his apostles!  How cool is it that we are able to do that twice a year??

Here's a cool video about it:

Love love love it.

Also another thing I am so super excited for is Easter (Pasen).  We live right above a bakery here (It's great - it smells either like fresh bread or cigarettes.) and they have these ADORABLE chocolate easter eggs with Frozen figurines inside!

I got really excited about it.  I didn't get Olaf, but Kristoff is pretty cool too I guess.

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

It's starting to feel like spring!  I am so beyond excited!

Also, what official made it feel like Winter is finally over is we heard an 
while we were biking through Lokeren last Saturday.  
We got so excited!  
It totally made my day!

I got Speculoos in case anyone was wondering.
 It's so good!  
We hear the ice cream truck every so now and then when we're biking, and it always makes me super happy!  
One more thing that reminds us that winter is pretty much done! 

Also this week I got a new companion!  She's super cool, I'm really excited to start working with her!  She's just super fun and great with people! :)

Also this week we brought a member to a lesson and he was a killer joint teach!  It was so good!  We were talking about commandments and he shared this scripture 
in 1 Nephi:

 16 En hij zeide tot mij: Kent gij de goedgunstigheid Gods?
 17 En ik zeide tot hem: Ik weet dat Hij zijn kinderen liefheeft; toch ken ik niet de betekenis van alle dingen.
Dus, we don't know everything. We don't know everything about the gospel or every reason we why have every commandment.  But we do know that Heavenly Father loves us.  And the commandments are there because He loves us.

I gotta jet - hope all is going well with you guys and if it's warm get some lekker icecream! ;)