Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 3 Christmas and Snow in Belgium

Kerst en Sneeuw in België!

Oh I love Christmas!  We woke up early to open presents from home.  My family is the best!  Love you guys!!  And then we had a Christmas service, and that was super nice.  Me and my companion sang with the Elders.  They also read scriptures about Christ's birth from both the Bible and the book of Mormon. 
 So cool to see how they both witness of that special event!

Funny story:  We had a service project with our zone and afterwards one of the Elders ran into a lady he knew.  She was SO sweet!  And so excited to see all of us missionaries.  She was determained to buy us lunch, for all 22 of us, but we assured her that we we were fine.  But she really wanted to get us something, and before we could convince her otherwise, she went into the closest store to buy us all Fantas.  About a minute later she came sprinting out saying "They don't have 23 Fantas!!!" as she ran down the street to find another store.  She seriously made my day!!!

Also, it snowed here the other day!  Rather cold, but so pretty!  It was funny, because Christmas day was sunny and gorgeous, and then 2 days later it snows!

Anyways, I hope you guys had a good Christmas!  
There's this really great little video that the church published on :

I love it how in the begining it shows getting gifts and more the commercial side of Christmas.  Which I think can be a lot of fun, and getting and recieving gifts can bring us a lot of joy.  But then as the film goes on you see the things that really bring us joy.  Little things, like little siblings playing together, handwriting a letter to a friend, being with loved ones, reading the scriptures, praying.  Its the little things we can do every day that can bring us real joy.  And then of course Jesus Christ.  He is the first, the most important, and the best gift we have been given for Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Second Week in Belgium

How to describe Belgium...

-Most of the buildings are made out of bricks.  They are SO PRETTY.

-Every door is different.  And they are all SO COOL!  I love seeing all the different kinds, different doorknobs, etc.

-They have bread vending machines.  Like pop machines, but you can get a whole loaf of bread.


- Biking is a big thing.  And I thought Oregon was big into biking...  It's nothing compared to Europe! ;)

- The whole week from Christmas to New Years is pretty much a holiday week!  They call it "Feestdagen."  There's Christmas Eve, Christmas, Second Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years day!

Ah I'm so excited for Kerst! (Christmas)

Things are going well here!  Love the people, and I love the work!

Delivering banana muffins to the neighbors

Also, I love this verse: 
Luke 1:
 79 To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.

Christ is our light and our Redeemer!  

He is the BEST gift we have been given for Christmas, and I'm so thankful for Him!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Goodbye MTC - First Week in Belgium

Ah I can't believe I'm all done with my time at the MTC!  It was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be!  I learned SO much, and grew so much as both a person and a missionary.  The people I met there were wonderful!  I'm going to miss them!

Before we left, my zone took some pictures on our last day! :)

                                                         Here's one of my district!  (37A is by far the best! ;) )

                                                                                  And one of our zone!

Last Monday we took a plane to Amsterdam.  We arrivied Tuesday morning!  We were SO tired! We all got our assignments that night!  It's kind of sad going our seperate ways, but also SO exciting!  Here's a picture when we first opened our "2nd calls."  (We were SO dead, we had gotten hardly any sleep the past two days.  But we were also all so happy and excited to finally be in Europe!)

I got assigned to this awesome town in Belgium!!  I LOVE it here!  The people are great and the town is beautiful.  They speak Vlaams here, which is a gorgeous language.  I'm not the best at understanding it yet, but I'm working on it! 

                                                                                    1st day contacting!

My trainer is also wonderful!  I love her! She's only been here 6 weeks, but she's super helpful and SO sweet!

Anyway, I totally love her and I am so excited to be doing the Lord's work in such a wonderful place!

Last week at the MTC!

This week was amazing!  So much happened this week and I feel like I have been so spiritually fed, I don't know what to write about!  (I also have a lot of pictures, so enjoy!)

Well for starters: WE GOT OUR TRAVELS PLANS!

We thought we were going to get them on Friday, like I mentioned last week but we ended up getting them not longer after my last post!  After sending out all of my emails, me and the Sisters in my district went on a walk around the temple.  We were waiting to cross the street to go back to the MTC when we saw Elder Harrop and Elder Gross with a bunch of papers.  At first we got excited because we thought it was just a lot of mail (lemme tell you, missionaries get REALLY excited about mail - don't hesitate to send any!), but then Elder Gross started waving his arm up and down and making flying motions and then it clicked!  They had our travel plans!

That really gave us all so much excitement and energy for the rest of the week!

And then Thursday was Thanksgiving!

We had a big Thanksgiving lunch:


Elder Bednar came and spoke to us. Which was so cool!  He did it Q&A style and answered a few of our questions, which was amazing.  The whole time he spoke, it was very obvious knows that Christ is our Savior, that Joseph Smith was a prophet, that the Book of Mormon and that this gospel is true, and he wants to help us strengthen our knowledge on these things.  His testimony was so strong

One of my favorite answers though was when someone asked him about how to make prayers more meaningful, and how to avoid vain repetition.  Elder Bednar said that prayers are about "a condition of the heart, not the function of the words."

And before he talked, the choir sang "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing." 

That song is amazing!  I LOVE the lyrics.  Also, I saw this on the water fountain by our classroom the other day and it cracked me up!

After Bednar, we all walked around the temple.  It was lovely.

Me and my companion Zuster Faa!

And a picture of my district!  Plus one of the Elders going to Iceland (2nd one from the left.)  They're so awesome!! 

On Sunday in Relief Society Sheri Dew came and spoke on receiving answers to hard questions and gaining understanding on topics you are struggling.  Often times we feel like when we are doubting our faith, we don't want to tell that to the Lord and feel like we should find the answer on our own.  But when you are struggling with a question or with understanding something about the gospel, you need to go about those questions by turning to the Lord and striving to find the answer through revelation and by asking for His help, instead of turning your back to the Lord when searching for answer or understanding. 

And then on Monday Zuster Walsh headed out to Suriname!  She was learning Dutch as well, so she came and studied with our district this week!  We're all so excited for her and am sure that she's doing great over there!

We are all SO EXCITED to head out this Monday!  :D :D :D

Speaking of which, FRIDAY is going to be the last day I will be able to receive dearelders and SATURDAY will be the last day that I'll be able to receive regular mail.  So if you want to write to me (which I knoww you do! ;) )  the best thing to do would be to email me at or write to me at:

Sister Micah Jones
Belgium/Netherlands Mission
Schipolweg 66
2316 XE Leiden

I'll get a different address when I find out what are I serve in exactly, but that'll work for now!  I hope to hear from you!